Friday, July 16, 2010

My Fair Entries!

I am entering 7 pictures into the open class photography division this year. This is my first time doing this, so I hope it all works out! I am going to put the pitures below so you can tell me what you think and look for them at the 160th Butler County Fair, which is July 25 - 31!!! I'm super exctied about it! :)

#1- This one I put in the Picturesque category. This is a scene from up at our church while the sun is setting :)

#2- This one is under Action. My crazy little brother doing what he does best, jumping things! :)

# 3- This one I put under the category Nature. Its pretty much self-explainatory!

#4- This one I put under Still Life. While its a really "cool" picture anyway, I thought it would be fun to have hanging in the fair so as people walk by they can look at this and cool down :)

#5- I didn't really have a good category for this one! While it fits in Nature, you can only put one pic up for each category! So I put this under Miscellaneous. Not sure how good it will do under that category, but a good picture none-the-less!

#6- This is my B&W Nature shot! Will it really is a yellow rose that I made B&W you don't really loose the affect even though you don't have the color :)

#7- Last, but not least, this is my Computer Generated/Modified shot. Not much to say about this one! While I hate dandelions, this pic actually turned out pretty cool!

Welp, there ya have it! All the pictures I am putting in the fair will also have mats around them. The color mats we chose also help enhance some of the coloring. Come on out and visit me at the Butler County Fair!! :)

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