Thursday, July 1, 2010

Some Pics :)

Ok so I really do need to put up some pics, so I'm going to add some of my favorites from the month of June! I didn't get enough to enter the Photo Hunt Challenge b/c i started looking for pics one week before the end of June! OOPS! lol missed that one. I'm super excited about getting started on the July challenge though!! :D are some of my shots! :)

Some people who visited our church the other night!

Another shot of the river from the bike ride

Action shot! My brother :)

Sister #1 at the river

Sister #2 at the river

A shot of the river where we went bike riding the other day

Couldn't decide which of these two i like better! Love them both!!

An attempt at a decent sunflare...I've done better before though!

I liked this reason really...just do!

Water drops on our Day Lillies!

A not yet bloomed bud on my Mom's butterfly bush

One of my Mom's Hydranga's :)

Look closely! I water drop on the bud ^ :)

I love food and this is a close up of my brother's birthday cake! :)

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  1. You went biking in the river? LOL...couldn't resist...Love ya! You are doing good!